Honjoh School

Japanese folk music can be said to be the first and
greatest musical reflection of each era.
Thus for Japanese folk music to succeed to a new generation
it is necessary for it to absorb the feeling of the new era.
In order to for fill this role and to encourage development,
"Honjohryu" has visited the source of shamisen music
and created a modern translation of traditional music
that combines originality and imagination.

This method of learning is called "Risogaku".
"Risogaku" begins with old shamisen folk music
"Hauta" and folk songs "Minyou",
and students learn a new style of shamisen through tradition.

To teach "Risogaku", old music is used as
a base for the creation of new music.

We believe that Honjohryu school's "Risogaku" Japanese music course,
which incorporates the learning of traditional Japanese folk music,
enriches the heart through the development of new music
and exchange with other artists.